​Spiritual Development Classes

​Interested in developing your spiritual and intuitive gifts?

​Take a personalized class in:



​Crystals & Stones

Crystal Grids

Symbology, Sacred Geometry & Mandalas

​Introduction to Pagan Gods and Goddesses

Psychic Self Defense

Advanced Psychic Self Defense

​Chakras & Color

Introduction to Magic

Tarot for Beginners

Advanced Tarot

Palmistry for Beginners

Tea Leaf Readings

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Special Events, Fairs & Expos

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Metaphysical Services

Subscription Box Service

Choose the Goddess Monthly Subscription Box and get seasonally selected goodies shipped straight to your door.  Or spoil yourself with the Deluxe Goddess Box.  Subscriptions include:

* Luscious Perfume or Essential Oils

* Adornment Jewelry

* Candles or Smudging Items

* Decadent Soaps or Bath Product

* Crystals & Stones

* Surprise Gift Items

* Prayers celebrating a seasonal Goddess, God or Angel, Affirmations and Explanation Packet.  

For more information on each box, please see www.theladyoflightbox.com

By agreeing to receive a psychic or intuitive reading, or taking a spiritual development class, you agree that any information provided does not constitute counseling, therapy, legal, financial, business, psychological, medical or other professional advice.  Choices and actions based on the contents of the message, reading or service provided are your responsibility.  The readings provided are presented only as another avenue of alertness, wisdom, motivation, inspiration, and are not a substitute for professional care.  For entertainment purposes only. 

The Lady of Light

Custom Astrology Consultation  

What do the stars say about you? Let's explore your personality, your mind, your heart, your strengths, areas for improvement, career potential, reason for incarnation, and past & future lives.  $75 per 30 minutes.

a New Age Boutique

Spiritual Consultations

Are you looking for spiritual guidance?  Choose a Tarot Card Reading, an Intuitive Reading or a Spiritual Consultation Service.   $75 per 30 minutes.  In person at my office in Oak Park, IL or over the phone.  By appointment only.  Please contact me at 206-605-1752 or at theinnergoddess@yahoo.com to schedule.

​Online Store

​Did you know that a selection of our merchandise is available online?​ Visit www.theladyoflightbox.com.  Don't see something you are looking for?  Please contact us for availability and shipping information at 206-605-1752 or at theinnergoddess@yahoo.com.